Monday, April 4, 2011

What's Going On

Have you been wondering what on earth Sister Hayes is up to?
I know you are all dying to know, so here is the latest!!

Sister Hayes has now been serving for almost exactly  11 months! Here one year mark is coming up so fast which is crazy to think about! This is also her last full week serving with her current companion, Sister Hamano! 

Here are some exerts for this weeks email:

"Wasn't conference great? We were able to to go to the stake center and watch all four sessions of conference. We watched three of the sessions in American Sign Language so that Sister Hamano could get some practice in. It was pretty cool I picked up a lot of new signs." 

"A mission has helped me to realize that Satan really does have an attack on marriages and families in these latter days. I have seen so many families torn apart by Satan grasp on the world today, that's why I love teaching families that against all the horrible things that may go on, they can be a family forever." 

Sister Hayes's favorite talks from conference were:
*Elder Scott: "what a love and respect he had for his wife....I hope you took good notes on what he said."
*Elder Holland: "He is my favorite! I loved the part where he said 'This isn't a fast food joint, you cant have it your way.' He speaks so powerfully...he has the spirit and charity when he speaks."
*Elder Bednar: "[He] has such a wonderful of presenting his talks. I was so grateful when he told everyone that they were normal if they didn't receive amazing revelations all the time. I also loved the way that he related it to the light bulb or the sun slowly coming up in the morning."

Want to know more about LDS General Conference? Go HERE to find out more and to listen to Sister Hayes's favorite talks!!

Sister Hayes and her companion are currently working with a wonderful woman named Aileen. She was able to watch some of conference this weekend. Aileen has some things she is working on but she is hoping to be baptized on April 16th!! This will be such a wonderful blessing for all three of them!!
Another piece of exciting news that Sister Hayes shared is that a family that was recently baptized is working on going through the temple! The woman's husband is currently deployed and the woman and her children are living on a military base. The woman was so excited to show Sister Hayes the dresses her little girls will wear when they go through the temple to be sealed together! Sister Hayes wrote:
"I AM SO EXCITED! They are truly on the right path doing all they can to make it to the temple. Even though her husband is deployed it is not stopping them from preparing."

Speaking of investigators, please remember Sister Hayes when you are praying! Please pray for them to find those that are ready to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and that the hearts and minds of those in here area will be open!!