Sunday, November 20, 2011

Come see her in person!!

Christine is speaking in church THIS Sunday. We just wanted to invite you all. I know she would love to see you.

The Last Email!!!

I cannot believe that I will be seeing my sister in only a couple more days. I am so excited. We got the most beautiful email from Sister Hayes yesterday. I just had to share with you some of my favorite parts.

"This week has been bitter sweet in so many ways. Alot of people here in this area know that I'm going home and so they often ask if I'm excited which brings up mixed emotions. Just yesterday we had one of the most powerful lessons that I've had my entire mission with Luis. Everyone in the room including Luis was crying. The spirit felt as strong as it does in the temple and I was filled with gratitude to my Savior for how gracious he is. At the end of our lesson Luis asked me if I was excited to go home, as the tears began to flow down my face I told him I was but that I would miss people like him that I have grown to love soo much. I have been filled with so much love that I almost can't stand it."

"I know that I needed to be here with President and Sister Walker and with specific companions. I also know that this is the same with all of the people that I have met and taught on my mission. I then received a very comforting feeling as I thought about my time here in the Arizona Tucson Mission. Yes, it's true I don't want to come home, I want to continue serving the Lord 24/7 but my time is up. It is time for me to go home and to be there for my family and many other people that I will meet and work with through school and work. Even though I will no longer physically care the name of Jesus Christ on my chest I will always carry him in my heart. "

"How grateful I am for all that I have gone through on my mission. I can honestly say now that I would do it all again. All of the heartache and the trials and the homesick feelings I would do it all again. More then anything this mission has changed me and I feel so blessed that the Lord has shown me so much mercy. I want to be all that Heavenly Father wants me to be. I want to serve him all my life and I pray that others will be able to see his light in me. "

We love you Sister Hayes and will see you soon!!!