Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another Milestone

Sister Hayes has been serving her mission for 14 months can! Can you believe it?!
I love being a missionary!
It is a bitter sweet feeling today to hit my 14 month mark. I am excited and grateful that I have made it this far but I am also sad because I only have a little 4 months to be a servant of the Lord 24/7.

What an amazing milestone she has hit!! And if that wasn't great enough, she also had an awesome week! Want to know why?
This week was so wonderful we found 7 new investigators this week! Can you believe that. It's just amazing.

What a wonderful blessing for Sister Hayes and her companion! The stories she has to tell are great so I'll let her tell them to you in her own words!!

On Tuesday we received a call from a member in another ward telling us that her in-laws were interested in taking the lessons but that they were requesting to be taught by sister missionaries. So, even though they are not in our ward we are teaching them. What a Powerful lesson we had with them. We started out the lesson by getting to know them and they all had a church background and Tim especially. He knows the Bible very well. So, I was a little bit nervous but as the lesson went on we realized that Tim was agreeing with everything we said, he kept saying, yep that goes along with the Bible I agree. The time came for Sister Mostert to say the First Vision, and they all felt the spirit. Tim and his wife Melina, shook there heads in agreeance and Melina even had tears in her eyes. Melina's mom Linda had her mouth open as if she was in shock. As we asked them how they felt they said that they knew it was true and they were just full of peace and joy.

But just wait, this story gets even better!!

We then set a baptism date with each of them and they will be getting baptized on July 30th. Then the next day when we went back to see them we set a baptism date with 2/3 of their children. They have 3 kids, Tyler (14) Brittany(11) and Trevor (9). We are hoping to talk with Tyler soon and see if he wants to be baptized as well. Just like the subject line says, everytime we go see them I am SOOO Happy!  We come home at night from our appointment with them and I can't sleep because I am so happy  and bubbling over with Joy!!!!! I LOVE IT, I AM SOOOO HAPPY!

Another wonderful story from our favorite missionary!! I am so happy for this family and so proud of Sister Hayes for sharing the gospel with them!!
But there is one little snag in this story. One of the family members, Linda, is currently in the hospital with pneumonia and a lung infection! Say a little prayer for Linda, that she will start to feel better soon!
And here is another story about one of her new investigators!

Another investigator we found this week was Jim. We were tracting in an apartment complex and he didn't answer his door but when we were knocking on some others doors he opened his door and asked if we knocked on his. We told him who we were and he wanted to know the difference between that at Catholic. We weren't able to go inside since he is a single male but we made an appointment with him the next day. The next day we brought a member with us about his age (60's) and we taught him the first lesson. He had tons of wonderful questions and we set a baptism date with him. I think this is the first person that I have taught with a big Catholic background. He served in two wars and he has really struggled sometimes with the concept of God, but he has also had some really strong spiritual experiences/miracles. We invited him  to come to church the next day but he is still recovering from surgery on both of his feet so we told him he could come next week and then we went ahead and set up and appointment for the next day. Well we were planning on teaching him the Plan of Salvation and then he called and said that he had to cancel on us because his 90 year old dad is in the hospital in a coma and he wasn't sure how long it would be. Satan sure has been working hard this week, he knew what we were going to teach him and he knew it would help him. GRRR. So we are hoping to stop by today and see him and hopefully comfort him with God's wonderful plan for us. I'm so excited for all that is going on here in our area right now. We have truly been blessed and the Lord is doing miracles right before our eyes.

I'm so glad Sister Hayes had such a wonderful week!! I don't know about you, but I cant wait to hear more about these wonderful people!!! Now on to some pictures!!
The lovely Sister Hayes sporting her fantastic boot!
Sister Hayes and her companion her late for a dinner with a recent convert!! She forgave them though and left them dinner on the doorstep!

Sister Hayes, Sister Mostert, and Sister Hughes

Our zone BBQ ignore the elders heads on the back of the truck

The lovely Sister missionaries celebrating the 4th of July! They all look so cute in their patriotic colors!

Look at this crazy 4th of July storm!! The missionaries got drenched!!