Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Sister Hayes

It's been awhile! I am SORRY!!! I really feel so bad that I have not been a good blogger and that I ha vent kept you posted on all things Sister Hayes!
I have all of her emails saved.......... my plan (when I wasn't so far behind) was to do a catch up post and tell you about all the things Sister Hayes has been up to!! But now I am REALLY far behind!! AHHHHH! Sorry again!
So I figure I will start over fresh!! Starting with the great email she sent yesterday!! I do have some really great pictures to share though so you will still get some exerts from past emails!!
Oh, and come back later for Fun Foto Fridays!! They are back too!!!
So, Sister Hayes just celebrated her 3 month anniversary!! YAY!! She has made it so far!! I cant even tell you how proud I am of her!! She is a big time trooper!!

Let's start with the weather! First of all...... it's HOT!!! I cant imagine being in the kind of heat all day!!! Sister Hayes and her companion had cupcakes in the back of their car one day..... they weren't in there long but they still melted! Crazy huh!! It's also monsoon season down there, which means every so often they get heavy heavy rain fall!! A few of Sister Hayes' emails have talked about the really loud and powerful thunder they have experienced!! She loves it and is always writing about wanting more rain!! This is an exert from this weeks letter:

We haven't really had rain lately. Just sunny as usual. There are always lightning and thunderstorms off in the distance but we never see rain. Oh and supposedly we haven't had a really bad monsoon yet. That's what some of the members have told us. So I'm waiting to see this big Monsoon everyone talks about.

Guess what Sister Hayes bought this week??? Sweet huh?!?! I'm not gonna lie............. I still love listening to the Saturday's Warrior soundtrack!! Good music...... good memories!!!!

Last P-day Sister Jarrett and I went to the Latter Day Cottage and got an amazing CD, are you ready for this? We got... SATURDAY'S WARRIOR the soundtrack. We laughed and sang along in the car and it reminded me of Tiffany and I and how we would run over to the Palmers (i think it was the palmers) house, and she would say that we were faster then a speeding bullet.

And guess what else Sister Hayes did this week.............

Last night we taught Amy. A newer investigator, she informed us that she quit her job. We were so excited. She worked at a not so good place if you know what I mean. (bar/strip club) As we started teaching her, her daughter wouldn't sit still and wanted her attention. So I played Barbie's with her daughter. Yep I played Barbie's with a 4 year old so her mom could listen to Sister Jarrett teach. Her mom was so grateful and at one point Chloe (her daughter) started laughing. It made Amy so happy to hear such an innocent little laugh.

And now for some updates about her great investigators:

We have a new investigator her name is Thelma. She is originally from Texas.She is Golden. She even came to church on Sunday. I thought she might feel a little uncomfortable because she's black and our church has a lot of white people but she loved it. I know she really felt the spirit.

We took Donna one of our investigators on a church tour and when we went into the chapel Sister Jarrett and I sang a song. The spirit was so strong, her less active friend was there and it brought him to tears.What a great experience.

On Saturday we had Johnny and Julia's baptism. It was great. They are such sweet little kids. They are so shy, it reminds me of me when I was younger.Oh yeah, before the baptism we went over to Judiths house a recent convert and we washed her dog Molly. Yep we washed her dog and then went to the baptism. Hopefully we didn't smell like dog! :)

These are honestly just a few of the great people she is currently working with!! She has a really awesome couple that just got baptized and married!! Check back soon for their story and some really cool pictures!! (This is Sister Hayes, her companion Sister Jarret and their mission presidents wife)


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