Friday, February 25, 2011


So a lot has happen to Sister Hayes since my last post. Sorry it has been so long since I updated all of you. First off Christine has been transferred back to the east side of Tucson. She is white washing the Palo Verde Ward (that means both of the missionaries that were there before are going to new areas so we are starting out fresh and have to rely upon the members and the area book) If that ward sound familiar to you it should it was one of her first wards that she served in with her first companion Sister Jarrett. The ward was very excited to get her back and Christine is looking forward to checking up on her old investigators and converts.

Sister Hayes’ new companion is Sister Hamano. She served in the Nauvoo Visitor Center Mission as an ASL missionary. She will be serving in Arizona for about 3 months and will then return to Nauvoo. Maybe Christine will learn some sign language along with the bit of Spanish she has learned. “It's nice to be back where I know people but it's still hard making changes. I miss Sister Bodily's bubbly personality, when I was around her I could be as dumb and goofy as I wanted. Sister Hamano is very sweet, she is from Hawaii and she is naturally soft spoken. One time she apologized for saying something too loud but really it wasn't loud at all. Maybe I can get her to come out of her shell a little bit more.”

Right now they are living with a member named Sister Solomon. “She was telling us that when she was preparing the room that the missionaries would stay in, (cleaning it top to bottom) that she felt as if it were a sacred place. She works in the temple and she compared it to preparing a room for a temple service. She told us that she knew this is where we would study and pray to our Heavenly Father and that this room would always be a special place. I just thought that was so cool.”

At the first of this month Sister Hayes passed her half way mark of 9 months. “I really am loving the work here and so thankful that I have the opportunity to serve but the longer I'm out the more I realize how MUCH I LOVE MY FAMILY!!! It will be a sad day to leave the mission but it will be such a happy day to be with my family again.”

Well there is still a lot more to update you on but I will just save it for another post or this one would be really long. Hopefully that will be up in a couple days. If you get sometime send Christine a little note she would love it!!


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