Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lucky Arizona!

I thought that since Sister Hayes has officially made it to Arizona, I would give her blog a little face lift!! My computer has not really wanted to cooperate today so there may be some slight changes in the next few days! But onto today's post!!

Sister Hayes has made it safely to Arizona and is ready to start her missionary work!! How lucky are the people of Tucson!! I cant wait to start getting letters from the mission field and I'm anticipating all of her wonderful and inspirational stories!! They will be great!!

I recently saw a news story about the dedication of a new LDS temple! That is always exciting news but it was even better when I realized that this brand new temple is in Sister Hayes' mission boundaries!!

It looks beautiful!!! I don't know how often Sister Hayes will get to visit but I am sure excited to get a picture of her standing in front of the House of the Lord!!

Arizona is also lucky because it is supposed to be about 97 degrees tomorrow!! If you are here in Utah you know that we have had some pretty chilly days this past week!! I for one and ready for some warm weather!! Enjoy it Sister Hayes!!!

P.S. Sister Hayes has mission address and email address!! Let me know if you need them so you can write her lots and lots of letters!!! =0)


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