Monday, June 14, 2010

I May Have Been A Slacker

But Sister Hayes sure wasn't!! Can you believe that she has already been out for over a month!! Man!! I feel like these last few weeks have been busy, so I really apologize for not updating you on our favorite sister missionary!! Before I start sharing some of Sister Hayes' wonderful mission field experiences I thought I'd share some of her last MTC pictures!!! I love looking at them!! She looks like she is having some great experiences!!

I know I said it before, but Sister Hayes made is safely to Arizona!! Look at this cute picture of her with her mission president!! Doest she look good in yellow?!?!

Here are some exerts from Sister Hayes' very first letter from the mission field:

"So my area is the Tucson East and my companion and I are over 2 ward, Kenyon and Palo Verde.
More about my companion. Her name is Sister Jarrett and she is AWESOME. She only has 2 more transfers left so hopefully we will be together until she leaves. Then I will get to kill her. LOL It's a thing they do her. You have a birthday every month so on the 5th of June I will be one month old, for your 9 month birthday some girls stick a balloon under their shirt and take a picture. (so goofy) Like I was saying about killing her. Since she will be going home soon I will be the one to kill her. (i wonder who came up with all of this, they must have been bored on a p-day) She is also considered my mother since she is training me and the person that trained her is considered my grandmother. None of this probably makes since but I don't understand either. LOL"

"THE APARTMENT- well the apartment is pretty small but then again it's perfect. I will have to take a picture and send it to you ASAP. All of the houses here have caged doors on the front and then a regular door so it makes it kind of hard to knock on doors, it hurts your knuckles. There is an extra mattress on each one of our beds so we call them the princess pea beds. "

"The field really is white here. A member of the 70 recently visited our mission and told us that missions in the SW united states have usually 7 baptisms per missionary a year and the rest of the U.S. usually has 2 per missionary a year. Sister Jarrett said that she had more than 7 last year. So I know I am here at the right time and our New Investigator Robert is proof of that. He recently got out of jail but you can tell the Lord has prepared him. I can't even tell you how prepared he is. Everytime we leave his house I leave with my jaw on the floor. "

Cool huh!?! I love reading her letters!! She is such a wonderful missionary already!!


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